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SDProper4 Blogger Template

SDProper4 Blogger Template blogger templates

Template Information

  • Template Type : Blogger Template
  • Name : SDProper4
  • Licence : Free Template
  • Properties :
    1. Three Column
    2. Right Sidebar
    3. Blue
    4. White
    5. Gray
    6. Magazine Style
    7. Tabber
    8. automatic Read More
    9. Adsense Ready (728X60)
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    7 Responses to “SDProper4 Blogger Template”

    1. raditya says:

      thanks template nya…

    2. masterGOmaster says:

      saya mau minta ijin download template ini ya buat nanti , barangkali aku mau membutuhkannya .sebelumnya terima kasih.salam blogger

    3. Fresh Blogger Template Gallery says:

      @raditya, @master,…

      Your welcome, please feel free to download it.

      Best Regard

    4. raditya says:

      How to add new tab Horisontal Menu ?why I was can't add new tab horisontal menu after HOME & ABOUT ?
      (I'm Sorry if my language is very poor,)

    5. ComeTryShare says:

      @why you can't add new navigation (your said "tab")? i was added two navigation. you can see in the new demo.

      <li class='page_item'><a href='' title='About'>Your Title</a></li>

      Best Regard

    6. raditya says:

      I'm sorry if my too often to ask ?
      May I make navigation menu have sub page/sub menu ?
      Maybe with CSS,? Can You Help Me, Please ?
      Thanks for all.

    7. mehm jarehn says:


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