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Green Harmony Blogger Template

Green Harmony Blogger Template blogger templates

Template Information

  • Template Type : Blogger Template
  • Name : Green Harmony
  • Licence : Free Template
  • Properties :
    1. Two Column
    2. Left Sidebar
    3. Green
    4. Black
    5. Silver
    6. Yellow
    7. automatic Read More
    8. Slider Gallery
    9. Twitter Update
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  • Download
  • Installation Blogger Tutorial

    It is no much different with another blogger template. So when you want to install this template, just unzip the file and upload into your blog. But, there are several feature that you must consider when you want to make it working properly: slider gallery, twitter update list, and about me widget. Here is the stpes.

  • Slider Gallery
  • Slider Gallery
    You must looking this code in your template,

    <div class='featured-wrap'>
    <h2 class='showcase-title'><a href='' title=''>Your Title</a></h2>
    <div class='clear'/>
    <a href='Your_Url' title=''><img alt='' height='186px' src='' width='424px' zc='1'/>
    <span class='excerpt'>Your Description ... </span>

    You have to change Your Title, Your Url and image source url in that code with your own.

  • Twitter Update
  • Twitter Update
    Find the twitter update list in your template code. The code will be like this one.

    <script src=';count=1' type='text/javascript'/>

    You have to change templateplace with your twitter ID.

  • About Me Widget
  • About Me Widget
    Go to “Edit Layout” in your account, and click “Add Gadget” with “Javascript/HTML” as your choice. When you insert your image, please remember to make it into 115px X 115px, or just add this code.

    width="115px" height="115px"

    I hope this short tutorial will help you to install this blogger template

    Best regard

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    Enjoy your Blogspot Template

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    22 Responses to “Green Harmony Blogger Template”

    1. Kalajengking Obati Gangguan Peredaran Darah says:

      Sedikit rumit tapi keren kang templatenya

    2. kahfilyzer says:

      smoooooth… nice template bro :)

    3. Muchlisin says:

      Makin banyak saja koleksi template-nya

    4. willy weblog says:


    5. movies says:


    6. Fresh Blogger Template Gallery says:


      Add widget, and choose feed. Add http://yoururl/feeds/comments/default

    7. movies says:


    8. StephanJade says:

      Cool article as for me. I’d like to read something more concerning that matter. Thnx for posting that information.

    9. NothingToLose says:

      Pretty interesting site you’ve got here. Thanx for it. I like such topics and everything that is connected to them. I would like to read more on that blog soon.

      Sincerely yours

    10. Anthony says:

      The slider has stopped working, please can you email me the js files so I can host them elsewhere. Thanks in advance!

    11. Harry Beyal says:

      It’s awesome to see fresh, fabulous ideas that have never been done before

    12. Jose says:

      Nice template, can I also have the files needed for the slider to work? I would love to see how it looks, thank you!!

      • Admin says:

        @Jose… Here is the code for your slider. Please change with your URL.

        <div class=’featured-wrap’>
        <h2 class=’showcase-title’><a href=” title=”>Your Title</a></h2>
        <div class=’clear’/>
        <a href=’Your_Url’ title=”><img alt=” height=’186px’ src=’’ width=’424px’ zc=’1′/>
        <span class=’excerpt’>Your Description … </span>

    13. Mois├ęs says:

      Friend’s theme with this problem in the code …
      and for this reason is not abtendo success!


    14. shift2112 says:

      Fantastic Template. However, is anyone else having the same issue that’s happening even in the live demo of the slider images and descriptions showing through the template? Also, the slider is not sliding!
      Help would be greatly appreciated!

    15. lee says:

      hi! i have a problem with the slider. it seems that there is no js file available. can u help me with this problem?or perhaps send me the js email address is provided. kindly help.

    16. Dee says:

      Hi, Thank you so much for sharing your Green Harmony template. I absolutely love it.

      However, I am quite new to blogging and not completely strong in html or css. I have been able to make the necessary changes to my blog so the different parts of it work. I can’t seem to correctly get the slider to work….maybe something I am doing wrong, and what url and I putting in the section of that? I know i replace Title,your url ( but what is my url? for my blog or to redirect to another page?) I also was wondering if you could help me by explaining to me how I get the “about, services,faq,& home” to work on top? I really would like to figure that out so I can have the blog fully up and working properly.

      I am sorry for being such a pain as I know you probably have so much else to be doing than to help such a rookie like me. lol

      Thank You so much in advance!

    17. Dee says:

      LoL, I figured everything out but the slider! I see in demo on all other places that the slider doesn’t work properly either. Could you please help me? I tried redoing the html script you provided @Jose but it’s still not working.

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